A true story of a story of true love

Third things first, first things second and everything else third. I dont want to say I to much, Its not about me, its about stuff and things, what when what, i want to share some things that are good, nice, ok, bloody brilliant.

-note- some of these links will take you to an mp3, some to Spotify (so you must have spotify for these to work) and some might not work.. do let me know if there any problems

Dianah Washington

Ruth-Lee Jones, (Diannah Washington) AKA the Queen of the blues has been cited as the most popular black female recording artist of the ’50s and as i cant top what has already been said

“[She] was at once one of the most beloved and controversial singers of the mid-20th century – beloved to her fans, devotees, and fellow singers; controversial to critics who still accuse her of selling out her art to commerce and bad taste. Her principal sin, apparently, was to cultivate a distinctive vocal style that was at home in all kinds of music, be it R&B, blues, jazz, middle of the road pop – and she probably would have made a fine gospel or country singer had she the time. Hers was a gritty, salty, high-pitched voice, marked by absolute clarity of diction and clipped, bluesy phrasing…  (Richard S. Ginell at Allmusic)

Souly groves and funk driven esscence behind this rather delicious remix by Rae & Christain, of;

Dianah Washington’s – Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?

now you should be able to download it there, if not go on spotify where you can hear alot of original recordings.

Little Dragon

This is a beautiful song by sweeds – little dragon, is from their first album/ single. Whether you have heard or seen it before, i would like to post it here, in case that by some combination of interacting events, you have not seen it.  I find the video utterly captivating, disasterously beautiful, sad yet, hopefully lifting.

Ras Baraka and the american poem –   the beat etc

This next Poem/ Video/ tune is by Ras Baraka..  I heard this on a mix by Ame, on Fabric 42 – Those guys – Feat; Ras Baraka – American Poem. I then saw it on Def Poetry Slam,  a relitivaly popular US TV programme… via Youtube.

…then… all of a sudden i could’nt find this online anymore, and in doing some research, I have come to the conclusion that as the said Ras is running for chancellor of the exchecker or congressman or something like that, he has decided to remove all traces of this beautiful, deep and powerful poem from the internet machine.   Luckly for the human race, this montage remains, but seeing the preformer recite it is good.. PUT IT BACK!!!

– Ill add this link soon-

The beat is taken from a Nina Simmone song called See Line Woman

Nina Simone – See-Line Woman – Album Version/Stereo (spotify link)

Another mix of this song with a more loungey version of the beat but equally good;

Songstress – See Line Woman (Original Mix)

(spotify link)

See Line woman has been used by Feist more recently, it has been adapted into the song ‘sealion’ .. it bugged me for ages hearing Feist’s version as i recognised it but couldnt put my finger on what it was that i recognised. But great song….   mmm

Feist – Sealion (spotify link)

more one day

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