The hangman’s beautiful daughter

Chailo Sim, The Sound Stylistics, David Helfgott, Les Gammas, Nathan Fake, Fred Wesley


The Sound Stylistics

Onomatapeaic Funk sounds. Fusing Latin jazz to psychedelic soul…   Bursting,   thrusting,   jiving,   power ballads of deep funk, so deep its got no pigment, overflowing with groove.  Here is a link to youtube and a song that slaps you in the face and commands your  hips to wiggle untill you fall off your chair, or offend someone.

The Sound Stylistics – The Players Theme

Dominic Glover- Trumpet
Gary Crockett- Bass Guitar
Neil Robinson- Drums
Snowboy- Percussion
Jim Watson- Keyboards
Andy Ross- Saxophones + Flute
Jim Hunt- Saxophones
Simon Finch- Trumpet
Al Cherry- Guitar
Trevor Mires- Trombones
Nichol Thomson- Trombones

More horns than you can shake a james tayloresque stick at.



I got sent this a while ago, its is painfully and depressingly true, I was just using spotify and an advert came on, which i regret. but it made me think of this as it was pushing trash towards me.. AAAH… i vow to add more Mp3 links to this blog, so no one has to hear spotify ads again. -muchos

Chailo Sim

Royal David’s City, Wales, lowly cattle shed. Here is a recording taken from radio six, to hear more buy the album check out some songs on Myspace and what ever you do…. buy the album.  Chailo Sim are;

Nayfe SJ – guitar/vox,                                                                                                                    Tom Luddington- keys/trumpet
Andy Holcroft – guitar/violin
Darren Gibbs – mando/tenor
Matt Badger – drums

A multi talented, inspiring group of people combining brilliant music, art, heart and personality into their rich and vibrant music. They are recieving increasing radio play, so Hip Hip!


David Helfgott

The Film ‘Shine’ shows some of the life of David, a young musician, who begins to suffer from a mental illness as he grows up studying the piano. A remarkable man, entertaining to watch, he becomes the music.

Les Gammas – Electronic future jazz/nu-jazz project founded by DJ & drummer Marc Frank with singer & pianist Jochen Helfert.

undescribible,  They seem to span oceans,  here are a few songs.  Les Gammas, electronic mastery, brilliant remixed samples, creative old into new sounds, lounge…

Les Gammas – Servus Mr. Bond – Sao Delhi Tandoorinha Mix

Les Gammas – Whenever

Les Gammas – Love To Be

Les Gammas – Guauanco – The Cinematic Orchestra extended version

Nathan Fake – Im no good an genrising music but i would put it in a house or tech-electro box. Norfolk based DJ, first album, beautifully names ‘Drowning in a sea of love’… and people call techno ‘It’s that, boom, boom, boom music, is’nt it (said in a posh accent)’

for some free downloads go to the website

Nathan Fake – The Turtle

The Sky was pink by Nathan Fake, remixed here by James Holden, is i think my favourite version of the song, It has a wonderful build and atmosphere about it. I feel the song really takes you on a journey.

Fred Wesley – And the Jb’s..

The Apples – Howlin’ with Fred featuring Fred Wesley

Can we still do it?YEAAAAAAAH   everything by the Jb’s is terriffic, this whole blog should just be full of them.. but i suppose its like kelly slater and surfing, its boring just to listen to/ watch the best of the best, theres lots of other great funk too… it makes your balls tingle.

Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s – If You Don’t Get It The First Time, Back Up And Try It Again, Party – Single Version

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