When the sleeper wakes

Professor Longhair, Ramsey Lewis ,Herbie Mann, The Bamboos, Penny and the quarters, King seven, Gabby young, Malcolm Catto, Colleen, Ryan Gosling, JR

-Hopefully you will think these are all as good as I think they are…  there are a few mp3s here but many links to YouTube and spotify,    but I hope this inspires you to buy the artists music…. or see a show- nice

Professor Longhair – Big chief   Feat, the Meters, Earl King and Dr John   – Heck Yes

He seems to have done a million versions of this, some more pianoy and jazzy, some more funked, the versions I have linked to here are my favourites, I feel they exhibit a distinctive new Orleans powerful style, horns, swing, flavour, num num num. Longhair, Smokey Johnson on drums

Professor Longhair – Big Chief – Complete Version

Ramsey Lewis

Jazz-funk unit, He has made1 over 80 albums and some terrific 70’s funk releases

Hang On Sloppy (1973)h

… Miscellaneous cheers and whoops, awesome…

This has been recently remixed my Mr. Scruff, it’s not a lot different, he’s extended it a bit, and turned up the bass… which is always good!  But it would be ashame for him to get all the modern credit, as the keys do funny things to you.

Herbie Mann –Herbert Jay Solomon, jazz flutist –

Smooth, jazz/ funk, smooth like tasty puree… kind of a more lounge funk experience, but when the flute Kicks in … bam   your knees start to wobble and fingers jingle

Respect yourself

The Letter

The Bamboos

True deep funk

Their new ‘widely acclaimed’ and most popular album is I think their worst, I feel they have lost their edge that their older albums showed… the funkish depth, its more ‘white’ overproduced perhaps, don’t sell out! Please!

This song is a higher tempo version of Will Holland’s Limp Twins song another day in the life of Mr. Jones…

The Bamboos – Another Day in the Life of Mr Jones

This is an older song ‘Tighten up’

The bamboos do a bloody brilliant funk DJ set too… just one of them… not sure which one…

Penny and the quarters

Penny and the quarters have been described as a ‘lost’ soul band, as they preformed 3 demos but never ‘made it’ so were not signed… no one really knows if there are any surving members of their families etc… So they really are kind of an Atlantis of funk… whoopee.  It features in the film ‘Blue Valentine’ which is the best film I have seen this year, a really raw, honest, emotional and beautiful film.

King seven

So; on the subject of lost musicians… King Seven from the one and only Cumbria released ‘Hidden’ which appeared on a bonobo ‘Solid Steel’ mix  and as it appears from un-extensive research, has only made 2 other songs, ‘faces and sides’ and the ‘science of autumn’  Super pretty songs.


Internet Tip

www.file2hd.com Go to this site and copy/paste the url of a MySpace site, YouTube, blog with an mp3 imbedded and it will show you the files and  you can right click on them and save them… tada…   e.g.  Go to the king seven MySpace page and copy it… put in file2hd and wham. ..

Gabby young

Gabby Young presents a carnavalesque, exciting and catchy/ tunes/ lyrics…  Deciding not to battle against illegal downloads etc, she and the animals, have decided to put extra effort into making shows unforgettable and contrary to other artists, actually make an effort to go that extra mile so you don’t feel like they could have just put the cd on and sat on stage.

Malcolm Catto

Playing with Quantic, DJ Shadow and many of his own formations, I think he is the best Funk/ Jazz/ Breaks drummer around… not that i know many..



I’ll read you a story, starkly beautiful, it all the more mesmerizing the slower you watch it. Colleen became the soundtrack of my dissertation and made many an all-nighter rather pleasant experiences.

Ryan Gosling,

Clip from blue valentine ‘you always hurt the ones you love’

This is the best version of the song that I have heard, it often feels quite cheesy but this is so memorable and haunting… also fun when you have it in your head and trying to sing it with a terrible and over-the-top embouchure.

Here’s the original I think, not really cheesy like some other covers, but if you can hear it… its nice

JR’s TED prize

I watched JR’s Favella film at a gallery in Newcastle and thought it was one of the best films I have ever seen, a silent film following a day around the favella and interactions with some of the locals, I have tried to find it, buy it, emailing etc but to no avail.. One day…

Anyway JR won the most recent TED prize… Huzzah!


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