Doubtful Inflection

Doubtful Inflection

-At the moment I’m trying to speak of something that is born within but which remains beyond words –

Hello… I really would like to wholesomely thank everyone who has suddenly added comments; it all came as quite a surprise as I didn’t think anyone was actually reading any of the content… I’m glad you dig it! Keep digging!

I am going to write about some music, not so much the musicians and actual facts. Information will be subjective and devoid of any accurate information about the groups.

I want to talk about what the music does to you, how it inspires you to write and where it leads you.  The internet is full of information if you want to know more about the actual artist , but these kinds of reflections are not so easy to find, nor the reader who enjoys them, so heres to enjoying music…hip hip!

Here we are, here we are… there it is…. that’s the picture …

I drew a blank

And I think

It may be

The best thing

I’ve ever drawn

-Saul Williams-

When I think about the events in my life which I remember most vividly I can still feel the emotion I once felt. Getting my first bike, falling off my bike, creating things out of Lego, finding an identity, being lost, not finding….

Sometime these events weren’t seemingly significant or particularly interesting, but I suppose they all input into making me into who I am today and who and what I am becoming. These most vivid memories follow the trend of being defined or linked with a particular song that I liked at the time and which perhaps summed it all up; or they are not inked at all. I think these songs anchor the abstract and often confusing memory to something more tangible and understandable helping you attempt to understand and reflect.

A small selection, first glance.

Blur – Country House (on tape)

This was my first album I built a Lego army base and some pretty nifty creations singing to this album.

Primus –Jerry was a race car driver


Being a teenager, not being kind, being weak, finding, changes. I think this song changed my life. My brother James gave me the album; Sailing the Seas of Cheese…

Moby- in my heart

Mornings in my room, reminds me of teenage years, that heavy hearted feeling of wondering why ‘she’ doesn’t like you back, why another ‘she’ doesn’t send you messages  and just general confusion.  And mainly getting up in the morning and feeling that feeling that everyone feels .. oh no not  again, school again… why does this have to happen every day!

Nizlopi – Faith

Cycling home in the dark with no brakes and no lights down ‘down lane’ in Compton singing at the top of my voice.

Ships pass in the night as he used to say, vessels of a different composure awkward mooring together temporarily. Noticing the air change, marking the transition between the seasons, each smelling different, especially spring and summer. Winter smells of liquid.

Colleen- summer water

I watch the sunrise at 5am, but who really knows the time, who really cares. Finishing off my dissertation which wasn’t greatly received.  A mystical morning, oddly enjoyable, peaceful, no one bothers you at night.

You don’t feel alone in the same way as during the day. Social media and modern communicative technology links us all in ways we will never fully know, you can easily see what everyone’s doing. Sometimes it’s easy to feel more alone because all these people you ‘know’ don’t contact you, sometimes you know they are there… in the night no one is there, everyone is asleep. I am away and I am safe in the knowledge that everyone is happy, at peace, equally vulnerable and free.

London funk allstars    what’s in the basket?

Daily bread, not blow your socks off naan bread or rye bread… but its good to have around the place for stuff.. mmm

Joanna Newsom

I have been listening to her album Ys, pretty much non-stop for the past week, it seems to be the sound track of my life at the moment, not that I know what that means about the state of my week.

I love all the songs so choosing one was tricky…  but….  i’m not only choosing one, i’m talking about her in general..

I feel my favourite song at the moment is ‘Sawdust and Diamonds’, it wasn’t my favourite at first, but the melodies, vocal rhythms, lyrics and general beautiful musical ebbs and flows are incredible. I love the imagery and the atmosphere she builds.. it’s beautiful , i think.

A lot of people seem to not like Joanna Newsom or just think that she’s a bit annoying… which is sad, their missing out… I think she makes beautiful  music, her distinctive voice adds a very different element which you wouldn’t normally get in a singer, I see it is more of an instrument expressing sounds, rhythms and melodies, rather than a messenger of a lyric to not be engaged with.

I think you have to spend some time listening to her music, the whole song, album… it’s not quick fix music, which I think most pop and main stream music supplies.–4fpZw



 A poem un-composed

The right music

I write music

A true mastery, music ministering to

Hearts and minds, moulding, manifesting emotion

Symphonic relation, beautiful melody, nuances

Powerful silences, mightily gentle notes, just right.

My souls frequency, frequently finds sanctuary in

These raging torrents of purity and


I have nothing but time on my hands


Funk like hip hop, jazz, blues well and most (good!) music in someway is alive, its telling a story expressing emotions… teaching people about struggle and telling stuff.  Is what were listening to by choice, or especially is what were listening to by force (radio, T.V and other vessels of passive entertainment ) telling you something worth listening to, worth allowing to soak into your core, worth nodding to?

For me, mostly… no.

This lecture mentions entertainment briefly, and as a much larger and profound point, control, fighting/ or mediating poverty .. but not curing it.. anyway .. its worth a watch…

Lyrics of music subconsciously affect you. When you listen to music and lose yourself you body responds with natural movement, even effecting you heart rate For example with techno, drum and bass and any music you would listen to for a long time it is easy to lose yourself in the music you become more vulnerable to it effecting you and if there were words in it, to them effecting you. On another scale any music we listen to tells a story, it doesn’t have to be long and trance like for us to be effected.  At the heart of the music should be a message and that message should be truth. We are being influenced daily by the media and music industry that feed us lies and are slowly and subconsciously affecting us unintelligibly. We are taking on board these messages of wealth, stuff, sex, greed, hate, indifference, selfishness; I don’t think we know the extent as to how it is affecting us, but the riots we saw recently are a bi-product of this consumer culture and manipulation by music

The last poets on the subway

The last poets offer simple beats and truthful poems, It’s all very simple but brilliantly effective, I find their lyrics and poems get you hooked and you have to keep listening

The last poets have been said to be one of the earliest influences in hip hop. Powerful challenging words…

Last Poets, the – Black Thighs

The Last Poets – Related To What


express yourself  Charles wright

This is a classic song, it never fails to cheer you up and make you feel like swinging your knees. Forces a  wide wide grin. Popular funk is popular for a reason… unlike pop music.



Jimmy Smith w. Kenny Burrell – Organ Grinder’s Swing

Flows of  organ all star line up, smooth and savagely raw. Tom burgess sax special





Rev Jamel   Bob Johnson  – Walking on the moon   

Terrific truth bomb shoulder wiggling neck breaking hip dropping.



Fascinations girls are out

happy soulful, when i walk with this in my ears it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Often gets you some strange looks.





Willie hutch- brothers gonna work it out  1973

Willie McKinley Hutchison

Listen to this on at least 10.  11 if you have spinal tap volume.

This song is tremendous, it takes a while to get going, but it is definatley something special.  discoesque

Gandhi Speech

I have posted this before; it’s an incredible and insightful speech. I knew a little about Gandhi previously but I never thought he thought like this. I find his humbleness inspirational along with many other things.

Pink Freud – Dziwny Jest Ten Kraj

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah .. ..

Ok go-  there’s a fire.

OkGo have become popular mainly because of their hit music videos… which are pretty good! But they do have some good tunes too… away from the videos! This song is off their first album, which nick bragger recommended to me when I was about 14.  I didn’t listen to this song till recently… I think maybe I didn’t get through the whole album… I love the opening beat and how it progresses it reminds me of have a cigar by pink Floyd, especially the primus cover. It’s just a general nice song… nice bass and drums… just nice.

Michael Jackson – burn this disco out

I love Michael Jackson. I never knew he made this song… it’s not one of his greatest hits… buts its brilliant, its defiantly made it onto my eternal funk playlist…     demands dancing!! ! good demonstration…

Here is a poem I would like to share, I wrote it a few years ago about some situations I was finding myself in which I was wholly unsettled about.


(To feel awkward and out of place)

There’s a really dull light in this room.

It makes me feel like an old broom.

A broom in a cupboard watching a world.

A man works, aging day bye day, getting waited on with tray.

Sitting and sitting…   Oh still sat.  Eating and getting fat,

The Post office, shopping, riding his post life crisis to and from.

Once, life full and interesting.

Abilities snatched? Dreams abandoned, desires reduced into complacent apathy, un suspecting.

This is true living?

TV doing all the giving.

Squandering their wealth of life.

It seemed to happen    overnight.

This common plight.

Without me putting up a fight.

Becoming not my family.

It’s not their fault, just a change of circumstances.

This is how it is now, their current romances.

Well … Thank God I’m not a broom.

I’m in A ‘new room’.

It’s not bad though, it’s a place to stay.

A place to eat and sleep and, and get in the way.

I think right now I’m searching for, home.

Just a space to store my shit.

Building new memories, I think that’s important for home.

It makes it your own.

But the worlds so much bigger and so much better.

I’m leaving here as soon as I can.

Luckily I’ve got legs, legs to get out of this claustrophobic place,

I’ve outgrown it, like I did my womb.

To A land far, far away, somewhere real somewhere true, that’s the plan.

A better place, where I’m not ripped off by ‘the man’.

With more trees, and where I don’t need to bring my keys or fucking I.Ds.

But I left home a long time ago.

Back when you got ill and had to go.  Home.

That’s another story and quite a long one.

I just want you to know that I love you a ton.

I want you to be as proud of me as I am of you.

I miss you, but I wouldn’t be the same if you were here with me too.

And I’m sorry I was a dick, I suppose I just didn’t have a clue

What you were going through and I didn’t think of you.

For you, I’m going to live my life being joyful and true.

When I see you again I hope that I recognise your face.

You’ll be back to new.

That’s about it, a bit of a letter.

Saying that things are a lot better.

Than they may seem.

On the quest of discovering what i want and who i am, i wrote a list of mostly irrelevant wants.

What I want

I want to be in a band

A funk or jazz or combination of the two, maybe with some hard elements too.

I want to learn new skills and have time to try these things.

I want spare time

I want to be in the sea and float and play on the waves

I don’t particularly want to be water soluble but that was a good idea

I want to have good ideas

And be able to share them confidently and eloquently

I want to know words

I want to have good friends

I want to eat and cook and be cooked for. Not cooked.

I want to drink wine and write stories and learn languages

I don’t want to stop learning

I want to go climbing

And watch films that make me feel something

I want to walk in the woods and ponder something

And I want to eat ice cream

I don’t want to get cancer

But i do want to get a car or maybe a van so I can transport a double bass around

I want to have a double bass

I want to be able to play it well

And I want to learn the trombone

I want to be around the people I like, like my friends

I want to sit on the floor and watch

I want to blend in

Then I want to stand out

I want to increase my lung capacity

Then I want to sing

I want to have an opinion

And I want to sing my opinion

I want to eat humble pie

And enjoy eating crumble

I want eggs

And fresh milk

I want to grow plants

And eat fruit

And have an umbrella

I don’t want to hurt anyone

I want to be worth it, like L’Oreal

I want to be regarded

I want to make something useful

I want to read books

I want to laugh and I want to cry

I want to dance and I want to wet myself

I want to be free

I want to be hungry

I want to be wet all over or covered in mud

I want to go to the cinema and eat pop corn

I want to take photographs and stick them in a book

I want to write a song and teach it to the birds

I want to catch a fish and sit in a boat

I want to be in a storm

I want to nearly die, but not

I want to help and I want to know what I want

I want to talk to strangers

And hear old people’s stories

I want to stay up late

I want to look at stars

I want to not have everything I want

I don’t want to care about how I look

I want to hear the truth

I want to get up early

I want to dream

I want to go in a shop and scream

I want to poo on the floor in starbucks

And throw soil in Greggs

I want to swim in the Lake District

I want to make chutney

I want to be chutney

I want to teach Katie to pronounce chutney

I want to go to Japan

I want to draw

I want to win sometimes

I want to loos more so other people can enjoy winning

And see them happy

I want to play games, games are fun

I want to relate

I don’t want to be awkward

I want to go to the toilet

I want to have an open fire

I want vegetables.

Hip hip shalom


The owl and the pussycat

She ever lays, never lies

In a bed of flowers

A creeping bush

Silent acre


Beautiful names

Forgotten memories

Still images, no words

Painting of a void

De-void of memory

Protect what may remain

Do not go where the path leads

End up somewhere happy

Or die unnecessarily

123 reflect

I have been attending the mountains lecture

But I can’t hear anything

Listening to the winds wisdom

But it makes no sense.

Reading the writings of the grass

But it’s illegible.

Asking the trees my questions

But they do not answer.

Their silence echoes through the night

And speaks volumes.

Unspoken truth spoken everywhere

Lifting my spirit

As the birds sing to my soul.

Singing the wrong song

Pages of blank inspiration

Writers of dreams

Dreamers of hope

Thinkers of stories


Tales of the seven seas

Double entendres

Lines of lies and truth

Comfort in the cottage of unmindfulness,

At the edge of my forest of thought,

The familiar part

Drink some wine now and then

Get lost.

Music is my alchemy


The world has many noises,

Mainly cars


I long to hear the silence boom

Free me from what I have become.

Application for a job

Dear Nicola

I write to you direct from England on the first day of the week.

To express relentless enthusiasm to come work with you all and to bespeak.

My availability and enquire as to what you require

one to dispatch for your consideration and connect a small wire

in which it is somehow possible to speak.

My good old friend Sam, the last great apostle of rugged individuals

sent word of your contact information and encouraged me to apply.

Hence I have attached a copy of my boiled down life

carefully sieved to remove dangerous threads of personality and individuality

It would be good to know when you have openings and if it would be possible to do an online TEFL as I go?

I have been gently pushing doors


future ever nearing

my freedom teeters on a knife edge

The Man stands over my shoulders

She leers

Young fools selling their youth

off cheaply

the sands of time flow

never slow

dripping life into a pension fund

so you can live when you cant feel free

I want meaningful work, to not be cooped up in  a city, I have been wanting to get my TEFL but for lack of various numbers have been unable. Teaching friends English is something I find challenging and rewarding and would like to develop my skills further. I am a fast learner and often learn best by jumping in the deep end.

I hope this email makes some since and I look forward to your response

many thanks

Ollie Kingshott

Dear Ollie,

May I begin by expressing my gratitude for your ebullient discourse.

Never have I been so indulged in what can only be described as a linguistic equivalent of warm chocolate chip cookies, baked my a fat rosy cheeked woman and served by a burning log fire in a cabin by the lake in a picturesque village in Canada. As a result of your drudgery I can offer you the fortuity of  averring your educational intentions via the use of some tool which, due to popular belief a Scot´s man invented, though some beg to differ.

Please propose a suitable tempore and die to arrange such discourse, preferably not this week as one is somewhat occupied in the mind and body with an upcoming peregrination to the Mecca of the EFL world.

With regards to your enquiry to the possibility to ‘TEFL as you go’ a concept which I have developed a liking to, maybe as a small child might enjoy fondling the fur of a spring born bunny, I think, considering your curriculum vitae, uniquely remarkable covering letter and the fact that you have been approved by the likes of Mr Ponsford can only lead me to suppose that TEFLing as you go in this solitary case would be acceptable. You could also count on my guidance and knowledge as I wish to be a Yoda to a young Skywalker in what can sometimes be confused with an alternate universe to the point we might feel as though we are on  another planet.

Anyhow, before this process becomes overly elaborate, check out I to I online TEFL course as they are recognized (there are more TEFL cowboys out there than you can shake a Clint Eastwood classic at) and I shall be very excited about the possibility of offering you an infinite deep end in which to dive.

The very best of wishes,

Nicola Lurie Mitchell

Director of studies and love

El Centro Britanico

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Enviado el: lunes, 08 de noviembre de 2010 17:46

To confront this bleakful loneliness and destructive attitude I must retreat into the face of loneliness and confront it alone in the wilderness.

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