My friend

My friends small grin

Peeking not from cheek to cheek

 Upping at the edges

Bearing, One, Two, Three, Four teeth To me.

When he looks downleft he stares, thinking  something.

Not vacantly, seeming so but I don’t know.

Out comes speaking tone by tone

Poly tone singing mono tones

With towelling robe, robbing his elegant shoulder

He exists etched in stone

Clean crisp and dry, I cry.

When he touches her lips

She pretends to get angry

Laughs like a caterpillar

All over every inch

And beams brilliant at bossy boots Bearing teeth back.


Enjoy a word or two

Absorbing what surrounds.

All lit up by the real sun

Illuminated silhouette

And then we go and spoil it all.

His lips stretched against his mouth

Like an over inflated balloon

On the cusp of popping.

Mouthing explosive joyous pictures.

Sincerely yours

Your words read beautiful.

Amongst gaggle noised nonsense

You sense makes perfect sense.

I see colours that surround your stream of consciousness.

I taste the flavour of truth on your sweaty sea salt skin

Smell sweetness amongst rot around

Feel weak after exertion

Soaking up the liquid of your wisdom.

What happens inside maybe is unknown to you and me

Your internal dialogue seems as confusing as mine.

Our multiple personality disorders are, I think, actually quite normal.

You sit atop a sun starved misty mound

Muttering gleefully

Eying up and down

Words resembling warmth

Spirit keeper

Up hander

Brass top teller

Tell me if birds sang along with us once

I cant remember

Before we went and spoilt it all

Your eyelashes caught drips of water drops

Stolen from the surrounding wind

They sat still suggesting something i didn’t get

They spoke of excitement

But i didn’t hear them.

My friend sits staring into the abysful distance

Piercing eyes peering deep inside me

Staring at something i cant quite see

Investigating in vain repetition

My friends speaks softly.

When he allows me to hear

It is clear

And healing

My friend picked me up

Fell with me

He pushed me

She forced me under

And i learnt

What i forgot

I stand still, still

Remaining silent

Until we remember the names.

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