Mmm- Recipies


In-greed-i-e’nts/ Agreedients

handful of Mint Leaves
400ml Cider vinegar
400g brown sugar.. demoararar
2 Onions medium
4 Green Chillies
Salt to taste
180 grams fresh Raw Mangoes or more
(could add some cardoman or cumin, fengreek seeds, roasted cumin seeds/ corriander seeds, fresh corriander, toast, bit of cheese?)

How to make mint and mango chutney:
Put sugar in,
how to put sugar in: pick up sugar, open sugar weigh or not, tip accordingly.

also vinegar in
put it on
cook everything till done
• Peel the mangoes and remove their stones.
• mush mint leaves, chop onion with hand until bleeding, green the chillies then insert mango bits and pulp chillies and mango along to ‘lets all meet up in the year 2000′ into a fine paste/ pulp.
• Mix with salt.

To cook, like being creative, you need to be willing to take risks, and get it wrong (robinson 2007.. around creativity).  I dont believe in step by step exact recepies, use your brain, taste, smell, have it a few times.

Garunteed to be the best aubergenes you have eaten!

So Delicious Fish Tagine… or Chicken tagine (subtitute the fish for Chicken (or extra veg, of your a vegetarian)) should serve 4… maybe 5 if your stupid and dont want to be full (girls)

Things: A tagine, or heavy pan with a lid! .. lid is important, knifes, boards, ingredients..


Fresh Corriander, – A healthy bunch, about 20 – 30g

4 Carrots . maybe less

2 medium onions

1 Aubergene

1 Corgette

2 large potatoes

some olives (green.. well i prefer green)

Chillis, to taste, but note, if you don’t chop them up they retain alot of their heat. so stick them in and everyones happy!

Oliver oli

Garlics, whole

Mushrooms – whatevers cheap, the big delicious flat ones!

Moroccan spices ( or a desert spoon paprika,  (1.5 tsp) cumin, ( 1 tsp )salt, pepper, 1-2 tsp turmeric, chilli, bayleafs, 1 desert spoon Ground corriander, fresh ginger… and maybe mace, nutmeg, cardoman,)

The spices are pretty important… go to morocco and get their mixes! .. they are amazing..  but i recommend sticking to the guide above and vary it a little bit according to what you have in the cupboard…  the ones that smell strong will probably be strong, so use them sparingly.. go crazy with paprika, corriander

half a lemon

half an orange

Fish… Cod, white, seabass… or something nice, preferably boned… as much as you want.. 100g each??



  1. Fry onions, cut however you want, once soft add very finely chopped corriander, use stalky bits too, turn the oven on to 190 C – 210C the slower this cooks the better. while frying
  2. Slice carrots in lengths so you have long half centermeter thick strips. Oil in pan, Heat, lay carrots covering the bottom (carrots dont burn as easily as most other veg) allow to cook on  amedium heat, whilst doing the rest.
  3. when onion mix is looking soft, not brown put on top of onions.
  4. putabout a tablespoon of grated fresh ginger into the old onion pan heat through then add  spice mix (Keep a desert spoon back), bit more oil, not long, add about a cup of water, let heat.
  5. add to tagine, corgette in fingers, chumky potatoes, half lemon and orange, with skin, mushrooms and add in spice mix over top. olives and whole garlics, and other veg, piling it up into a nice mound. add water and spice mix, top up with extra water so it wont go dry.. keep your eye on it… about 1 cm at the bottom..
  6. lastly put sliced aubergen over the top covering most of it. put some fresh chillis poked in to look nice. sprinkle some more spices over the top.
  7. Fish. squeeze the other half of the lemon on the fish and the orange for good measure… maybe another half lemon on fish for good measure.. depending on how juicy your lemons are.
  8. add over a nice sprinkle of salt and pepper… sea salt!.    rub in with fingers. wash hands. sprinkle some spices, paprika, cumin, corriander dried and a bit of fresh, and all the other spices, just not as much, rub in, and leave to marinade somewhere coooool… leave.
  9. tagine in oven. lid. check intermittantly and top up water if needed.. just dont let it go dry.
  10. dont stir! what ever you do.. unless you want moroccan soup.
  11. a few mins before you want to eat put fish in tagine, on top and put on lid so it can steam . season to taste (dip spoon in liquid at the bottom should be about half a cm to 1 cm.)
  12. the aubegene will have soaked up amazing flavours and be a mush of taste. etc etc.
  13. serve with fresh corriander, other sides creme fraiche,BREAD  beer… or water. and water
  14. yum! eat with fingers,



Not tagine, but fish…


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