Singing the Wrong Song

123 reflect


I have been attending the mountains lecture

But I can’t hear anything

Listening to the winds wisdom

But it makes no sense.

Reading the writings of the grass

But it’s illegible.

Asking the trees my questions

But they do not answer.

Their silence echoes through the night

And speaks volumes.

Unspoken truth spoken everywhere

Lifting my spirit

As the birds sing to my soul.




Singing the wrong song


Pages of blank inspiration

Writers of dreams

Dreamers of hope

Thinkers of stories


Tales of the seven seas

Double entendres

Lines of lies and truth

Comfort in the cottage of unmindfulness,

At the edge of my forest of thought,

The familiar part

Drink some wine now and then

Get lost.

Music is my alchemy


The world has many noises,

Mainly cars


I long to hear the silence boom

Free me from what I have become.



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